Simon Says - Memory Game Project

Simon is an electronic game that tests a player's memory and ability to repeat a sequence of lights and sounds. The game typically consists of four colored buttons, each producing a unique tone when pressed. The challenge for the player is to remember and repeat an increasingly longer sequence of button presses. The game continues until the player makes a mistake in replicating the pattern. It's a classic and entertaining game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages since its introduction in the late 1970s.


The Simon Says Game is a classic memory game where the computer (Simon) displays a sequence of colored buttons, and the player must replicate the sequence. The game includes three colored buttons (green, yellow, blue) and allows the player to choose the difficulty level. Players need to remember and repeat the sequence accurately to advance through levels.

Project Objectives

  • Create an interactive and visually appealing user interface for the Simon Says Game.
  • Implement game logic to generate and display random color sequences.
  • Allow players to input their name and choose the difficulty level before starting the game.
  • Track and display the player's score, current level, and elapsed time during the game.
  • Allow players to pause and resume the game.
  • Implement sound effects and visual cues for a more engaging user experience.
  • Store and display high scores on a scoreboard, including player names, scores, dates, and difficulty levels.<

Project Challenges

  • Accurately replicating and tracking the color sequences.
  • Implementing a timer to measure player performance.
  • Dynamically updating and displaying the scoreboard.
  • Implement sound effects and visual cues for a more engaging user experience


The development of the Simon Says Game presented challenges in accurately replicating and tracking color sequences, which were effectively addressed by organizing game logic into functions for better management. To measure player performance, a timer was implemented using setInterval, dynamically updating and displaying the elapsed time. Persistent storage of high scores was achieved by utilizing localStorage, ensuring that scoreboard data is stored locally. The project successfully combines HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an engaging and visually appealing game. Additional features, such as sound effects and a local scoreboard, contribute to an enhanced user experience.

Methods and Technologies

  • HTML:For structuring and styling the webpage.
  • CSS:Styling and responsiveness.
  • JavaScript:Game logic, event handling, and dynamic updates.
  • localStorage:Storing and retrieving high scores.
  • setInterval and clearInterval:Managing the game timer.
  • Audio:Adding sound effects for button clicks.

Tech Stack:

Project Figures

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