Case Study: Formula One Stats and Info

Millions of fans and generating billions of dollars in revenue. The sport involves high-speed and high-tech cars competing on various circuits around the globe, driven by some of the best drivers in the world. The data behind the sport is also fascinating and complex, as it involves many variables such as drivers, teams, circuits, stadiums, race cars, and more. In this project, I will use SQL to analyze a dataset of Formula one races.

Formula 1's current enterprise value
Last season average viewers per race


This SQL project centers around the analysis of Formula One racing statistics, encompassing a diverse range of data points such as driver performance, team standings, and race outcomes. The goal is to employ SQL queries to gain valuable insights, providing a comprehensive overview of the Formula One landscape.

Project Objectives

  • Extract performance metrics of individual drivers and teams.
  • Analyze race outcomes and identify influential factors.
  • Gain insights into overall trends and patterns within Formula One racing statistics.

Project Challenge

Encountering large and complex datasets posed a notable challenge. Optimizing queries for performance, addressing data inconsistencies, and ensuring the accuracy of results were key challenges that required strategic problem-solving throughout the project.


The SQL methodologies applied encompassed the formulation of well structured queries, JOIN operations, and data transformations. By employing these techniques, I aimed to create a cohesive dataset that would serve as the foundation for in-depth analysis and insights.

Tech Stack:


  • In-depth driver and team performance metrics.
  • Key factors influencing race outcomes.
  • Trends and patterns contributing to a more informed understanding of Formula One dynamics.

Project Figures

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